Who's who..

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Who's who..

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:27 am

Division 1

Arsenal - DJMESSY
Aston Villa - BatesAvfc
Bayern Munich - RandyBushFarmer
Ajax - Bennett316spurs
Chelsea - SCAR-FACE-99
Juventus - managerless
Liverpool - Purple_Kush
Manchester City - Walsall_Ram
Manchester United - MCFLURRY
Sevilla - managerless

Division 2

Athletico Madrid - lISc00byIl
AC Milan - asboazz
Barcelona - bocabay
Fiorentina - usher_LFC
Inter Milan - y9lex
Lyon - Thejugganot
Real Madrid - Remass86
Tottenham - Dogboy82
Wolfsburg - Vipermansa
Everton - LUFC_7

Please someone post in the TEC section if any PSN/Teams/Players are wrong and I'll correct them. Many Thanks

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