Capture Card Help Needed

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Capture Card Help Needed

Post by Sc00by on Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:50 pm

Ok, I need some help and advise...I know a few of you have these and I would like to get one

Before I go on I will tell you I am a bit of a tech guy, I like my gadgets, I like to learn about new stuff, and I am very good on a computer as well as building them, so I think I have all the armoury to be able to tackle this even though it is completely new to me.

Right, I need to tell you first that I have full 1080p HDTV set up with my PS3 plugged in...But also, after christmas I will also have a XBOX360 plugged into a seperate 720p HDTV

I need the capture card to be able to record both PS3 and XBOX360 if possible

I have been watching tutorials on youtube and also reading a lot too...What I need is advice on which one to buy that will serve me best with my HD setup(most tuts were about old RCA SD setups)...and also what leads/splitters etc I am going to need.

Danny Taylor which one do you use fella?...Ive seen your videos and they are in very good quality...Care to talk a newbie through whats needed and how to set it up...( I may be new to this but I am by no means dumb...Networking TVs etc has been a hobby since i was about 10, lol)

Anyway, hope some good comes of this thread because right now I see how easy it is to record SD and I am thinking about just doing it that way just to save effort...but the perfectionist in me is telling me not to be lazy and if I am going to do it, then to do it right!

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Re: Capture Card Help Needed

Post by Gaming4Fun on Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:47 pm

Well for recording alone I would recomend a dazzle as their cheap and great quality plus you get a program to help edit the videos but for broadcasting you may need something else as dazzles don't do wide screen.

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